• The hotel in Mekele aims to create unforgettable memories

Come (date), Ethiopia will present to the world another phenomenon. Many years after Emperor Haile Sellase ruled and after years of thorough planning and execution the incredible Yoha Hotels will be opened to the public.

Building a brand that associated with excellence is at the heart of this project, it is hoped that this hotel will serve as an inspiration and model to other hotels starting first in Makele, through Ethiopia and the rest of the world.

Located in the northern city of Makele, this hotel is an architectural masterpiece furnished to please royalties and even the gods. The state of the art hotel is aiming to serve excellence from its plates to the beds with the goal of been travelers home away from home.

Manned by elite staff, the edifice features breathtaking rooms, well-equipped gym, world-class clinic and beauty parlours, and enchanting landscape curated to allow nature caress you, all is now set to create ageless memories for you and your loved ones.

Each room has its unique voice, clearly communicated by its decor, adapted to provide a contemporary feel in symphony with class and comfort. The fabrics and tapestries used are the effort of a careful selection process to meet our very high standard and the requirement of our guest.

The masterpiece will house 24 of rooms and will create 20 of jobs. Located in the historic city of Makele not far from the where Emperor Yohannes IV once lived, the hotel will aid boost local economic activities and provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of the pride of the Tigray region.

Partnering leading manufactures, materials used in the construction and completion of the hotel meets all known international standard certifications. The exquisite finishing and technological features are evident inside and outside the palatial hotel. The aesthetic designs and the glow of warm colors are deliberate to lift your spirit even from a distance.

Yoha hotel is in the business to provide quality; it has struck a balance beautifully well between profit-making, customer satisfaction and the community. Billed to cater for you, for your budget, this customer centric hotel will open its doors to you even at odd hours with open arms, a big smile and a heartwarming “welcome!”

The Yoha hotel is perfect place to stay in Makele for the modern business man or woman and for romantic lovers. It is equipped to provide comfort and meet every requirement needed for business and pleasure.


Curious to learn about a hotel that welcomes you to a home, and usher you into rooms that are givers? Find your way to Yoha hotels on the 18/11/2017 to find out.