Standart Room

Choose our standard rooms and embrace high standards. Each room is furnished and decorated to set new standards. Enjoy the comfortable furniture or feel the gentle caressing of the tapestries, this room will make you cheat on your room over and over again. Reserve now!    

Twin Bed

  Open the doors to twin opportunities to share in the beauty and awesomeness of Yoha. The room is ideal for “twos” who would rather have a bed for themselves. Step into a room decorated and finished to provide you with the double assurance of a quality stay in Makele. Reserve now!  

King Room

Open your heart, feed your pleasures and treat your body, soul and spirit to this offering. The decoration, fabrics, furniture are purposed to pour out comfort and class upon you and those you love in full measure; nothing is held back. Bring your family along, this room will cater to their needs. Reserve now!